Microtronics develops and operates your M2M and IoT solution.

Microtronics develops and operates your M2M and IoT solution.

You get a complete solution existing of hardware, software and service.

Integrate the technology from Microtronics into your product and benefit from our extensive engineering expertise and technical achievments.

Choose from a comprehensive portfolio for measuring and controlling. The devices from Microtronics are equipped with numerous (industrial) interfaces. Capture sensor signals, process them and transfer the data to the central web platform.

Bring your devices, machines and products to the Internet!

Machine to web

Microtronics offers

  • Development and operation of complete M2M and IoT solutions consisting of Hardware, Software, Service
  • OEM solutions for partners/customers
  • Global use at internationally standardised service rates

Microtronics is looking for

  • Manufacturers who intend to equip their devices with M2M and IoT modules
  • Operators who intend to develop additional markets & revenue streams using M2M
  • Systems integrators who want to implement M2M solutions without high R&D costs
  • International sales and development partners


  • M2M and IoT solutions from a single source
  • Fine-tuned complete system – from electronics to central server software
  • Modular tool kit for individual M2M solutions
  • No/low research & development costs
  • Internationally standardised service rates

Realized projects with the complete solution from Microtronics

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