Air Humidity


  • Humidity and dew point determination in buildings and rooms
  • Access to measuring data, despite limited access to measuring points
  • Saving of the data display on the central server
  • Wireless transfer of the data to a central server
  • Alarm emission in the event of critical values
  • Easy creation of reports and statistics from historical data

Functional description

The wireless data acquisition technology of Microtronics provides an efficient overall solution for the control and monitoring of air humidity measurements. The field device myDatalogEASYplus acquires the air humidity at regular intervals and sends the corresponding data to the central web server. If a value is below or exceeds threshold values, ​​the maintenance personnel are informed immediately by e-mail, SMS or a voice call. Wireless data transfer to the server is a fixed component of Microtronics's Managed Service. On the central server the data are stored and processed visually in the form of reports and statistics. Interfaces enable the integration of data into your business process.

Key functions

  • Immediate alarm annunciation when a value is below or exceeds threshold values
  • Alarm chains for the purpose of informing the maintenance personnel
  • Reporting of the maximum values ​​and weekly forwarding by e-mail
  • Visualisation of historical data
  • Overview of numerous measuring points via a central web server
  • Calculation of the dew point
  • Calculation of the absolute air humidity

Fields of application

  • Measurement in historic buildings and churches
  • Measurement in museum halls for classic cars, large exhibits, etc.
  • Measurement in humidor rooms
  • Monitoring of warehouses and cold stores with moisture-sensitive goods
  • Monitoring of production facilities for ISO 9000 processes/transports/cellars
  • Monitoring in test environments
  • Mould monitoring in domestic rooms

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