Building Surveillance


  • Verification of the energy efficiency of buildings
  • Determination of the CO2 consumption for the environmental foot print
  • Monitoring and documentation of the internal and external temperature
  • Monitoring and documentation of the air humidity
  • Overview of the data on a central web interface
  • Monitoring of the energy supply

Functional description

The main aim of the building surveillance system is to be able to guarantee the effective energy consumption within a building. The continuous measurement and documentation of the energy consumption, temperature and air humidity can, for example, be used to determine how to reduce heating costs or whether moisture-sensitive goods can still be stored safely. When it comes to sustainability, the environmental foot print of a building can be determined by ascertaining the CO2 consumption. The analysis of the measurement data also provides the opportunity to prevent damage: This, for example, means that the responsible building technician can be informed immediately if temperature values are not reached or are exceeded, or if there is a risk of energy levels dropping. With the technology from Microtronics, the collected data is transferred to a central server via GPRS/GSM/UMTS/HSDPA/LTE. The real-time data can then be accessed at any time and from any location.

Key functions

  • Regular information regarding the energy consumption
  • Monitoring & documentation of the climatic data
  • Evidence of the environmental foot print
  • Prevention of damage to buildings and goods
  • Alarm functions
  • Safe data transmission

Fields of application

  • Public buildings
  • Offices
  • Historic archives & libraries
  • Warehouses for moisture- and temperature-sensitive goods
  • Restaurants & hotels

Competence Map

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