Condition Monitoring


  • Time meter logs
  • Monitoring of downtimes
  • Avoidance of service life transgressions
  • Compliance with and management of maintenance intervals
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Energy monitoring

Functional description

Microtronics's wireless data acquisition technology provides system integrators and operators with an efficient solution for the monitoring of machine parameters. With the myDatalogMUC/mini series a wide range of machine generations can be easily monitored with the same concept. The device acquires the machine data at regular intervals and transfers the data automatically to the central server, on which the data are saved, displayed and made available for further analysis. The data transfer is a component part of Microtronics's Managed Service. Interfaces enable linkage to your business processes.

Key functions

  • Coupling of different generations of machines by means of universal interfaces
  • No infringement of IT policies
  • Setting of maintenance intervals
  • Forecast calculation
  • Alarm when the service life is exceeded
  • Archived status logs
  • Archived maintenance logs

Fields of application

  • Machine tools
  • Press rollers
  • Hydraulic units
  • Waste compactors
  • Refrigerating machines
  • Frequency converters

Competence Map

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