Connected Devices


  • Equipment of devices and machines with wireless data transfer
  • Reduction of development costs for GSM technology
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Simple and efficient data transfer for devices and machinery
  • Direct integration of the module into a device/machine
  • Automated data transfer to the central IT system
  • Permanent access to the data and devices
  • New Internet services for the end user

Functional description

Microtronics is your reliable partner for the entire M2M chain. Through the use of M2M technology your devices and machines become 'connected devices'. Direct integration of the M2M module into your devices and machines allows you permanent access to the usage data. Wireless data transfer is included in Microtronics's Managed Service. With these modules bidirectional communication is enabled for you, i.e. you communicate with your devices and receive information from them. The devices and applications can be managed via the web interface. The device data can be transferred via IT interfaces to any IT system whatsoever (e.g. ERP systems or web servers). New business models for your business are created by means of this technology.

Key functions

  • Intelligent GSM modules
  • Easy programmability via script
  • Bidirectional communication with the devices
  • Central management of devices and applications
  • Standardized IT interfaces (XML, JSON)
  • Manual (pull) or active (push) data transfer to IT systems
  • Developer packages for playful M2M entry with low development costs

Fields of application

  • Installation into a wide variety of devices such as streetlights, lawn mowers, coffee machines, refrigerating plants, etc.
  • Acquisition and processing of device information
  • Mobile transmission of operating parameters to the central IT system
  • Wireless maintenance access to devices and machines
  • New web services for products and end customers (remote services

Competence Map

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