Flow Measurement


  • Creation of discharge profiles
  • Flow measurement of gases and liquids
  • Measurement of wastewater consumption
  • Wireless transfer to the central web server
  • Consumption-compliant cost charging
  • Logging of measured values
  • Creation of evaluations for different user levels
  • Flow measurements in ATEX zone 1

Functional description

The efficient and wireless data transfer technology of Microtronics provides a simple possibility for flow monitoring and visualization. The field device acquires the flow data and transfers it wirelessly to the central web server. Transfer of the data is a fixed component of Microtronics's Managed Service. Continuous measurements and permanent access to the data via the web interface make the manual reading of the measuring point on site obsolete. Using the existing interfaces the data can be integrated directly into your GIS or ERP system and into your business processes.

Key functions

  • Assurance of the measuring operation
  • Constant overview of correct data acquisition via web interface
  • Control of fault-free device operation via the central web server
  • Integration of the data into the GIS or ERP system
  • Cost apportionment for wastewater cooperatives
  • Monitoring of limit values
  • No manual data readout of the measuring points necessary on site
  • Compliance with flow recording duties
  • Visualisation of numerous measuring instruments via the central web server

Fields of application

  • Determination of utilization within the sewerage system
  • Determination of extraneous water ingress in the sewer
  • Sewerage system evaluation
  • Cost apportionment
  • Determination of water loss through seepage and evaporation between two measuring points

Competence Map

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