Gas Measurement


  • Corrosion and odour control
  • Monitoring of the gas concentration in the ambient air
  • Drafting of reports as proof
  • Evaluations for different user levels
  • Central access to a multitude of devices
  • Determination of an average H2S value for odour elimination
  • Usable in ATEX zones 1 and 2

Functional description

The odour nuisance produced by hydrogen sulphide is an enormous problem in municipal and industrial wastewater systems. In addition, buildings corrode as a result of an enduring high concentration of H2S. For system integrators Microtronics offers a technology for measuring the H2S concentration in the ambient air. Microtronics's Managed Service includes wireless transmission to a central web server. There the data can be viewed at any time and visualized in reports for different user groups. Various interfaces offer uninterrupted media integration into your business processes.

Key functions

  • Early warning of corrosion danger
  • Calculation of average values
  • Permanent overview of many measuring points via the central web server
  • Detection of potentials of reducing the H2S concentration through analysis of the gas curves
  • Reporting of hydrograph curves and daily forwarding by e-mail
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Long-term operation possible for up to 12 months
  • International partner network for rapid maintenance
  • Different reporting views and permissions on the web portal
  • Setting of alarm thresholds for device management
  • Automatic  Dosing control

Fields of application

  • Corrosion control
  • Avoidance of the odour nuisance generated by hydrogen sulphide
  • Monitoring of biofilters
  • Use in ATEX zone 1 and 2 explosion-hazard environments
  • Evaluation of the load imposed on the building structure due to H2S

Competence Map

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