Gauge Measurement


  • Monitoring of ground water levels
  • Display of the measurement values on a map
  • Documentation of the ground water conditions during building projects
  • Alarm in the event of a level being exceeded
  • Long-term geological analysis
  • Permanent overview of a variety of sites
  • Self-sufficient operation of inaccessible sites

Functional description

Equipping level sensors with M2M technology means that changes to the ground water level can be analysed and documented in the short- and long-term. The recording and collection of data from the sites that are often difficult to access is thus much easier and more efficient. The data acquisition is automated and the data is wirelessly transferred to a central server from where the data can be accessed and processed at any time.

Key functions

  • Continuous monitoring of the ground water level
  • Wireless data transmission
  • Autarchic operation using solar panels possible
  • Alarm notifications if a defined limit value is reached
  • Graphic display of the levels
  • Integration of the data in your own website

Fields of application

  • Long-term analyses of ground water changes
  • Measurement of the ground water level during building projects
  • Alarm in the event of levels being exceeded

Competence Map

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