Level Measurement and Tank Level


  • Monitoring of required levels and tank levels
  • Transfer of data to a central web server
  • Display of the measured values ​​on a central web interface
  • Easy creation of reports and statistics from historical data
  • Automatic sending of reports and evaluations
  • Immediate alarm emission in the event of critical measured values
  • Alarms for different user groups
  • Annunciation of tank level changes for the optimization of logistics
  • Determination of consumption profiles

Functional description

Microtronics offers an expansion for efficient, safe and wireless data acquisition and transfer for the measurement and monitoring of required levels and tank levels. The 2-stage alarm emission provides for immediate notification when a threshold is exceeded. Thanks to the permanent access via the central web server, the visiting of the measuring points for data readout by employees is no longer necessary. The wireless data transfer from the field device to the web server is a fixed component of Microtronics's Managed Service. Data is integrated into your business process through the creation of reports and the interfaces available on the central web server.

Key functions

  • Immediate alarm if the level exceeds or drops below a required level or tank level
  • Permanent monitoring of the level via web browser
  • Alarm emission in 2 stages (warning and alarm thresholds)
  • Reduction of maintenance costs thanks to the overview of decentralized measuring points on the central web server
  • Continuous measurement of the level
  • Visualisation of data in reports and statistics
  • Remote monitoring of required levels
  • Forecast for the refilling or emptying of tanks

Fields of application

  • Measurement in basins, silos and tanks
  • Water ingress annunciations in building pits
  • Elevated tanks for water supply
  • Level measurement for bulk materials
  • Storm water collecting basins and storm water overflow basins
  • Overfill prevention devices
  • Groundwater and well measurements
  • Fuel and oil tanks
  • Tanks and containers for preliminary products in the food sector
  • Tanks and receiver containers for dosing in the chemical industry

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