Pump Control


  • Remote control of pumps
  • Remote monitoring of pumps
  • Minimisation of downtimes
  • Use in control cabinets
  • Documentation

Functional description

Pumps are often located in areas that are difficult to access. Additionally, a variety of decentralised pumps often have to be monitored. Pumps can be controlled and monitored remotely using the technology from Microtronics. The data from individual stations is processed centrally and displayed in real-time on a server interface. Maintenance staff are automatically alerted in the event of a failure or damage. This ensures that damage can be detected at an early stage and resolved quickly.

In addition to fault monitoring, the pump systems can be monitored for any measured variables. This means, for example, that long-term performance monitoring can be used to optimise the design of the pump. An optimised pump system will save considerable costs and increase the service life of pumps. The field devices from Microtronics that collect the data and transfer it to the server via GPRS/GSM/UMTS/HSDPA/LTE are especially designed for use in harsh environments.

Key functions

  • Secure data transmission via GPRS/GSM/UMTS/HSDPA/LTE
  • Permanent overview of a variety of pumps
  • Alarms via e-mail, SMS or voice message
  • Forecast calculation to identify maintenance requirements
  • Optimisation of energy efficiency by means of performance monitoring
  • Early fault detection by monitoring any decline in performance
  • Monitoring of inefficient operating states (e.g. blockages, incorrect operation, cavitation)

Fields of application

  • Pump stations & pump plants
  • Drainage systems
  • Water scoops and wells
  • Sewerage treatment plants

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