conlux GmbH

Customer:conlux GmbH
Sector:LED lighting technology & photovoltaics
Year of Cooperation:2012
Technology Supplier:Microtronics Engineering GmbH

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The Customer

conlux specialises in LED lighting technology and photovoltaics and offers its public and private customers custom-made lighting solutionsthe highest quality. conlux combines state-of-the-art technology with innovative design and is especially focusing on sustainability and energy efficiency.

The Task

For the LED lighting system Sapphire that works autarchic, turns solar energy into light, provides light location- and demand-based and cleans itself fullyautomatically, conlux looked for an interface module that should enable the remote monitoring of the system and provide remote access to it. Additionally the module should enable the integration of other IT systems like traffic management systems. The read-out of the lighting system's operating parameters, a central device management via a server as well as the local communication of the single lamps between themselves should be enabled without affecting Sapphire's existing design concept.

The Solution

To equip the lighting system quickly and uncomplicatedly with a M2M interface an already existing field device from Microtronics was used (myDatalogAIR). Thefield device which is equipped with a robust housing and a serial interface was integrated without affecting Sapphire's design concept. It enables the local communication between the decentralised lighting systems. Thus one gateway can collect the operating parameters of several street lamps and visualise them on the central server. The integration of other IT systems and the central management of devices are also possible.

The Result

Through the cooperation with Microtronics conlux could generate the following advantages:
  • Simple Internet connection
  • Globally applicable solution
  • Billing system concerning data transmission for customers

The Microtronics Product

For the project "conlux" two products by Microtronics were used: the field device myDatalogAIR for the data transmission and Managed Service asGSM communication service provider.

The Cooperation with Microtronics

"The main reasons why we decided upon the solution from Microtronics were the easy-to-handle global application as well as the already existingserver software. With a few adaptations we could obtain a perfectly fitting complete solution!" (DI (FH) Thomas Aichinger, Head of Research & Development at conlux)