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The Customer

FLOW-TRONIC is internationally recognized as the leading distributor and manufacturer of innovative and accurate liquids flow measuringinstrumentation in the fields of flow measurement. FLOW-TRONIC offers flow metering services, supplies rental flowmeters and provides repair and calibration for all products offered. International customers trust in FLOW-TRONIC's expertise.

The Task

For a customer FLOW-TRONIC has installed more than 80 measuring points in Belgium at locations that are especially relevant for flow measurementlike sewers, collectors or rivers. At the beginning the collected data should be transmitted via telephone lines. But already the creation of a telephone line infrastructure proved difficult. The GSM modems that were used later on proved to be too expensive for the customer. So FLOW-TRONIC was searching for a solution to transmit the collected data from the 80 measuring points in real time and at economically low costs.

The Solution

FLOW-TRONIC equipped the more than 80 measuring points with data loggers by Microtronics. They enable to transmit the collected data from thedecentralised measuring points in real time via GPRS to a central server where they are visualised. Logging in with a username and a password FLOW-TRONIC and the customer now can monitor the measuring points' condition whenever they want and wherever they are. In the event of irregularities an alarm is triggered and intervention measures can be taken immediately.

The Result

The Microtronics solution offers the following benefits for the customers of FLOW-TRONIC:
  • Data transmission in real time via GPRS
  • Permanent access to all measuring points via web browser
  • Event-based alarming
  • Low startup and operation costs

The Microtronics Product

4 Channel Data Logger

The Cooperation with Microtronics

"The biggest advantage for me of course is the time saving. You don't have to go to the measuring points to read out the data with a laptop. Andthe monitoring is also included." (Rainer Heckters, Technical Manager at FLOW-TRONIC)