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The Customer

IGM Messen is an expert in gathering and analysing measurement data for the water industry and performs rainfall, drainage, freight and temperaturemeasurements in sewers and conduits. IGM Messen deals with the analysis of the collected data in terms of water management and is an officially certified test centre for flow measurement and throttle devices in Germany.

The Task

IGM Messen uses its measuring devices in often harsh measuring environments. To be able to ensure the reliability of the data, the measuringdevices had to be read out at least every two weeks. Furthermore the collected data serves as basis for engineering plannings and thus has to be of especially high quality and has to be documented exactly. So IGM Messen was searching for a solution to transmit, store and visualise the data collected by their measuring devices in a reliable and resource-efficient way.

The Solution

A M2M complete solution by Microtronics enables IGM Messen to ensure a high reliability of their measurement data. The data collected atdifferent measuring points is transmitted to a server and can be monitored in real-time. That way staff can be deployed more efficiently, projects can be realised faster, maintenance visits can be minimised and it also allows the management of a bigger device pool. The collected data's quality is high enough to use it as basis for engineering plannings.

The Result

The solution by Microtronics generates the following benefits for IGM Messen:
  • Data transmission via GPRS in real-time
  • Permanent access to all measuring points via web browser
  • Solid field devices with long-life batteries
  • More efficient deployment of staff
  • Minimisation of maintenance visits
  • Management of a bigger device pool (approx. + 30%)

The Microtronics Product

4 Channel Data LoggermyDatalogMobilEx

The Cooperation with Microtronics

"The remote data transmission's big advantage is that we can guarantee a high data reliability since the measuring data is displayed constantlyon our server. Thus we can minimise maintenance visits on the one hand. On the other hand we can also give our customers access to the data which contributes to a high level of transparency." (Matthias Werner, Testing Engineer at IGM Messen)