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The Customer

Medtradex is an expert in hygiene and offers both equipment and products for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of instruments and surfaces for the medicalsector and the industry as well as for transport and public institutions. Medtradex puts a strong emphasis on offering only the most innovative and trustworthy products for its customers.

The Task

Medtradex offers a device that automatically injects H2O2 into a room to disinfect it. This meant a big advantage over manual disinfection. The only downside was that the disinfection cycle couldn't be monitored or validated. So Medtradex was searching for a solution to monitor the disinfection cycle for their customers in the medical sector. The focus was put on making the monitoring comprehensible, that is to say: to get a detailed report after every monitoring. The solution should be easy to use and deliver reliable reports.

The Solution

The measuring device H2O2 gas sensor by Microtronics enables the measurement of H2O2, temperature and the relative air humidity. An internet portal collects the measured data and generates reports. H2O2 gas sensor detects the start of a disinfection cycle automatically or when the user presses the start button. If the peak value of the H2O2 concentration has been reached and a sufficiently marked drop in the H2O2 concentration has been detected, the H2O2 gas sensor can automatically turn on a connected fan. With H2O2 gas sensor the collected data is transmitted and stored online, so that the user can access the data at any time and form any place in real time.

The Result

H2O2 gas sensor offers the following benefits for Medtradex's customers:
  • Direct connection of a disinfection device and a fan
  • Continuous monitoring of disinfection cycles
  • Reports for validation
  • Real-time access to measuring points via internet regardless of place and time
  • Compact and user-friendly appliance

The Microtronics Product


The Cooperation with Microtronics

"The added value to it is that we can measure what is happening and that we can validate what is happening."(Ivo Shapdryver, Sales & Marketing Manager at Medtradex)