QGate Video

The Customer

Founded in 2010 the QGate Innovations GmbH distributes solutions that connect things of our everydaylife to the internet and enable the wireless communication with them via smartphone, tablet or web browser. Applications are: temperature monitoring, energy consumption monitoring, presence simulation and many more.

The Task

The idea behind QGate was to create a DIY system that differs from existing smart living solutions in that it is easy to install and to use. Thetarget was to let users simply experience the technology without having to struggle with installation or configuration processes. The result was a lifestyle product called QGate that combines state-of-the-art technology with timeless design and is easy to use. The hardware should cover different applications (e.g. energy consumption monitoring, remote switching of devices) and ease the user's everyday life.

The Solution

In the course of this vision the QGate team was established which works in its own company today. The QGate hardware was equipped with a switch(up to 2300 W) and sensors for temperature, brightness, energy consumption metering and audio detection. Due to the integrated local radio sensor network up to ten external sensors and actuators (868,3 MHz) can be connected to the QGate. The connection to the internet is enabled by an on-board SIM chip. The comprehensive technology was packed into a small format: 88 x 55x 68 mm. The QGate is operated via the QGate app. The development platform for apps and sensors is open and enables a constant advancement of the product.

The Result

With the development of the QGate hardware the following output could be generated:
  • Highly flexible hardware for use in the fields of e-health, energy transparency, safety etc.
  • Simple and remote operation due to state-of-the-art M2M technology
  • Saving of development costs due to usage of a platform technology
  • Speed to market due to usage of Microtronics know how

The Microtronics Product

The Microtronics solution rapidM2M served as basis for the development of the B2C product QGate.

The Cooperation with Microtronics

"Our biggest advantage was the profound know how of Microtronics that supported us during the development of the QGate and helped us to save developmentcosts as well as to have the project realized very quickly." (Martin Buber, CEO of QGate Innovations)


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