Citizen's Service Video

The idea

Microtronics deals with the wireless transmission of various data and measurement values, in short M2M, since 2006. M2M enables to transfer information like water levels in real time and to react on critical changes quickly. Since prompt and objective information is crucial in the fields of civil protection, the know how from the M2M business should be used for the early detection of floods.

The citizen's service

This idea resulted in the citizen's service which gives the fire brigade additional lead time and informs citizens via SMS in case of emergency. It is accessible via the website The current water levels of the Austrian rivers Melk, Mank and Kleine Erlauf are displayed there in real time. The rivers have been equipped with level measuring points that send the current water levels to the platform in regular intervals. The fire brigade decides at which water level an initial alarm should be triggered. The fire brigade analyses the situation and decides whether a warning of the citizens is necessary or not. In case of emergency all citizens that registered with their mobile number at get a SMS for free.

Installation & maintenance

The early flood warning system which is applicable for all bodies of water is installed and maintained by the Inaut Automation GmbH. The level measuring points are delivered ready for use and only have to be installed at a bridge. The measuring points consist of a radar sensor (measuring range up to 15m), a solar panel (extremely robust due to armoured glazing), the integrated transmitter and a bridge mounting. Inaut supports customers with the installation and integration on site. Already existing level measuring points as well as other interesting regional data (e.g. weather data, water quality, ozone or pollen burden) can also be integrated into the system.

The advantages

  • Direct and latest information in case of severe weather via free SMS
  • Objective information on the actual situation on sitee
  • Distinct gain of time in case of emergency due to earlier initiation of prepwasserstandinfotory measurese
  • Minimisation of damages due to quicker reactione
  • More economical and prompt operation of fire brigadee
  • Integration of other interesting regional measurement data like weather data or pollen burden possible


"Our biggest advantage is the objective information on the actual situation on site. Due to its permanent accessibility this monitoring enables a distinct gain of time in case of emergency. Thus fire brigade operations can be done more economically and prepwasserstandinfotory measures can be taken earlier." (Ing. Harald Hömstreit, Inaut Automation GmbH)