H2S - Bad odour

The new generation of H2S measuring

A too high H2S concentration in the canalisation may result not only in unpleasant odour, but also be a threat to the plants themselves. Corrosion of metallic components and affected concrete can cause expensive consequential damages or even breakdowns. The health of staff and residents must be protected, as H2S can lead to health damages such as mucosal irritation.

Microtronics supports your fight against H2S with a complete package of hardware, software and service.The constant data collection supports operators in detecting damages at a very early stage, in preventing failures and in optimizing processes.

Microtronics has years of experience in the field of H2S monitoring. This experience, the knowledge and the feedback from our customers and partners have contributed significantly to the development of the new generation of H2S measurement devices.

Due to a sophisticated maintenance concept the sensor is replaced directly at the measuring site.Therefore, no data gaps arise anymore and you act sustainable with the refill of sensor and battery. The new maintenance concept puts the environment forward, while reducing your costs.

Your data is protected by a comprehensive security concept. Decide for yourself if you need a transfer via UMTS/3Gto a web platform and if you would like to use your device in the ATEX Zone 1.

3 variants of the H2S application

H2S LocalH2S ConnectedH2S Complete

H2S Local

H2S Connected

H2S Complete

Data MemoryLocalServerServer
HardwareBLE GatewayBLE GatewayBLE & 3G Gateway
SoftwareDeviceConfigGasBuster (App)No software needed
TransmissionLocal via BLELocal via BLE to the server2G/3G to the server
Measurement without data gaps
Innovative sensor change
Colour Display shows current
measurement values at the site
  • Cheap devices
  • On-site review
  • Cheap devices
  • Structured data storage
  • Current data available via browser
  • Structured data storage
  • Control process possible
  • No structured data storage
  • Timeliness of the data depends on the visits at the measurement site
  • Higher prices for devices

6 reasons for Microtronics

Innovative sensor replacement

Innovative sensor replacement



Bluetooth Smart or 3G

Bluetooth Smart or 3G

Ultra Low Power

Ultra Low Power

Colour display

Colour display

Robust Design

Robust design

Device overview

BLE Gateway
BLE Gateway
Sensor Module
Sensor Module
BLE Gateway ATEX
BLE Gateway ATEX
Sensor Module
Sensor Module
BLE & Gateway
BLE & 3G Gateway
Sensor Module
Sensor Module
BLE & 3G Gateway ATEX
BLE & 3G Gateway ATEX
Sensor Module
Sensor Module
Item no.:300654300655300656300657
TransmissionBluetooth Low Energy
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • 2G/3G modem (Europe):
    2G GPRS 900MHz / 1800MHz
    UMTS B1, B8
Ex certification-Zone 1-Zone 1
Display1,5" Full Color Display,Resolution 128 x 128
Battery Life Time24 months Sensor Module @ 1Min. measuring intervall, months Gateway24 months Sensor Module @ 1Min. measuring intervall, months Gateway @ 4h transmission intervall
Protection class:Complete system: IP66
Gateway: IP66 / IP68 / IP69
IP68 at max. immersion depth 1m for max. 5h
Sensor: IP66
> Meaning of IP protection classes
EnvironmentTemperature: -20...+50°C
Air Humidity: 15...90%rH
Barometric Pressure Deviation: Atmospheric +/-10%
Sensor ModuleH2S Gas Nominal: 0-200ppm,Peak Load: 1000ppm
Resolution: 0,25ppm, Accuracy: 1%, T90 Time: <=35s, Abrasion: 0 ... 100%
Alternative Gas Sensor Types: NH3, CO, CL2, C2H4O, H2, HCN, HCL, NO, NO2, O3, SO2
Gateway ReadingsInternal Temperature: -20...+60°C
Internal Air Humidity: 0...100% rH
Battery SOC (State of Charge): 0 ... 100%
BLE Signal Quality: -50dBm ... -110dBm
Internal Temperature: -20...+60°C
Internal Air Humidity: 0...100% rH
Battery SOC (State of Charge): 0 ... 100%
BLE Signal Quality: -50dBm ... -110dBm
GSM Signal Quality: -50dBm ... -110dBm
MemoryInternal flash memory for up to 82.776 measusurement cycles
HousingMaterial: Noryl GTX 973 / PC
Dimensions (WHD): 106 x 169 x 61mm (with protective amour)
Weight: 690g (incl. H2S Sensor module)
Required server version:46.18

Sensor overview

Choosing the right sensor for your application determines the gas to be measured, but also the measurement accuracy. Microtronics provides sensors to measure H2S, H2O2 and NH3. If you want to measure any other gas, please contact the Microtronics team.

When you measure H2S the measuring range and the maximum limit are of significance.It should be considered in advance in what range your measurement values will be and what accuracy you need. Are your measurements, for example in the range of 10-15ppm, Microtronics recommends a sensor with low range and a low maximum value such as the H2S BH or the H2S C5O.

If you need help choosing the right sensor for your application, do not hesitate to contact the Microtronics team.With the sensor sample case the selection of the right sensor is easier than ever. Leave us a message and we will send you an offer for the sensor sample case!

Sensor Koffer

Thank you for your message!

H2S 7H
City Technology H2S H7
Alphasense H2S BE
H2S B1
Alphasense H2S B1
Alphasense H2S BH
H2S C50
Membrapor H2S C50
H2O2 CB100
Membrapor H2S CB100
NH3 CR50
Membrapor H2S CR50
ManufacturerCity TechnologyAlphasenseAlphasenseAlphasenseMembraporMembraporMembrapor
Measurment Range0-200ppm;
max. 1.000ppm
max. 3.900ppm
max. 500ppm
max. 200ppm
max. 100ppm
max. 200ppm
max. 100ppm
Repeat Accuracy1%---------2%2%3%
Calibration pointSynthetic air - 150ppm H2SSynthetic air - 150ppm H2SNitrogen - 30ppm H2SNitrogen - 5ppm H2SNitrogen - 30ppm H2SGas generatorNitrogen - 20ppm NH3
Expected Operating Time24 months in the air24 months in the air24 months in the air24 months in the air24 months in the air24 months in the air24 months in the air
Zero Shift2ppm4ppm1,5ppm1,5ppm0,1ppmN.D.-5ppm

Sensor as a Service

With Sensor as a Service you benefit from a wide range of services by paying a monthly fee up from a minimum term of 24 months.

Sensor as a Service includes:

  • Sensor deployment
  • Sensor processing and sensor replacement
  • Calibration as often as desired
  • All repairs
  • Insurance
Sensor as a Service


With the brand new GasBuster App you can comfortably read out the current values at the site. H2S concentration and temperature are displayed in the app. Swipe to switch between all sensors within your reach. The GasBuster communicates with your smarphone via BLE. You can synchronize the data to the server via the GSM of your smartphone. Depending on the frequency of the measurement site visits the values are available on the server worldwide. GasBuster is available for Android and iOS.

GasBuster App AndroidGasBuster App iOS
GasBuster App

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