The constantly expanding Microtronics Partner Network comprises experts in the fields of system integration and telecommunications. They provide successful implementation of M2M solutions respectively enable the international operation of M2M applications.

System integrators

Schildknecht AG
Gerber Instruments

Your benefits

  • Integration of an ecosystem that was specially built for global M2M applications
  • Minimisation of development costs, time consumed and risks
  • Efficient data processing and data transmission
  • Hardware-independent application program
  • Quick preparation of the proof of concept & faster market start
  • Additional turnover through the resale of server licences
System integrator

The solution by Microtronics

As a system integrator you turn ideas into successful M2M solutions. The Microtronics ecosystem comprising hardware, software and international data transmission at a flat rate supports you in coping with the challenges of international M2M solutions. The hardware-independent Microtronics ecosystem enables simple integration into existing IT systems. Testing tools like for example the Microtronics Developer Boards enable a quick proof of concept and fast market start. Microtronics supports you in all steps: from the conception phase through to a product ready for series production.


Telekom Austria Group M2M

Your advantages

  • Quick start into the M2M business & positioning in a fast-growing market
  • The effective acquisition of small to large B2B clients without great cost
  • Generation of additional sales channels & turnovers
  • Development of new business models
  • Increased value of your services and increased margins
  • Access to Microtronics's M2M expertise

The solution by Microtronics

Billions in turnover are expected for the global M2M market. As a telecommunications operator you use your expertise in connectivity to position yourself as M2M enabler in this especially fast-growing market. The Microtronics ecosystem supports you with tools like for example a platform for the simple management of SIM cards, applications and users. Thereby you can offer your customers – for example in the fields of smart metering, smart home, logistics or health care – internationally applicable M2M solutions and generate new revenue streams. Microtronics supports you with yearslong M2M expertise.

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