4-Channel Data Logger

4-Channel Data Logger for easy implementation of your industry 4.0 application

The 4-Channel Data Logger is a flexible ultra low power data logger for recording and transmitting analogue or digital signals. A variety of applications can be realised with minimal effort thanks to the configurable universal inputs and provision of the power supply for the sensors. The configuration can be executed in just a few clicks via the web portal. The 3 outputs can also be used to control actuators. The device has the option of triggering an immediate transfer of all of the relevant data to the server if a defined level at one of the inputs has not been reached or is exceeded. The server can then notify selected users by SMS, e-mail or voice call.

Product characteristics

  • Configuration of the device via web portal
  • Universal inputs for digital and analogue signals
  • 2 switchable supply voltages for sensors
  • Isolated switch contact for the signal output
  • Compact design with internal battery compartment
  • Optional battery, rechargeable battery or direct power supply
  • Exact calculation of the battery / rechargeable battery charge using Coulomb method
  • Additional SIM slot for VPN cards
  • Integrated charge controller
  • Ultra Low Power modus
  • Very low commissioning and operating costs
  • Hardware Real-Time Clock
  • Integrated durable SIM chip
4-Channel Data Logger


4-Channel Data Logger
Item no.:300715
Inputs:4 x analogue or digital or
1 x Ext. temperature sensor (Additional costs will be incurred to release these features.)
Outputs :1 x isolated switch contact
2 x 3,3V power supply
1 x switchable, selectable power supply:
  • 14,7V at Iout 50mA
  • 23,4V at Iout 50mA
Degree of protection:IP66
Power supply:Battery, rechargeable battery or direct power supply
Data transmission:2G/3G Penta-Band Modem:
SIM:Integrated SIM chip
Required server version:46.22
  • Individual labeling
  • Customized housing colour
  • Type plate and certificates
  • Versioned, adapted manual and fact sheet