BLE Gateway

The BLE Gateway receives data via Bluetooth and sends them via GSM to your web server

The robust BLE Gateway receives data from all sensors that transmit data via Bluetooth. Therefore, it is possible to transmit the data of several sensors over one BLE Gateway. With Bluetooth Smart (formerly BLE) ranges up to 20m can be achieved. For a transmission, for example from a field or a canal to your office, 20m usually are not enough. In this case the GSM BLE Gateway solves the problem and bridges the distance by roaming mobile data connection. Thus, the BLE Gateway offers you permanent access to your data.

Product characteristics

  • Up to 60 months battery lifetime (depending on the adjustable transmission interval)
  • Robust IP66 / IP68 / IP69 enclosure (IP68 at max. immersion depth1m for max. 5h )
  • Suitable for the use in harsh and explosive environment
  • Colour display for rapid reading of the current values on site
  • Cheap spare parts available
  • Optional data transmission via GSM
  • Equipped with a 3G module for the EU area (US, Canada and other regions on request)

The technology – rapidM2M inside

The BLE Gateway is equipped with the latest rapidM2M technology. The rapidM2M technology is characterized by an extremely energy-efficient operation. Programmable via PAWN script (similar to C) you can adjust the BLE Gateway exactly to your needs and the specific application. Via the API the data can be retrieved and integrated into your business logic on the server side in a comfortable manner.

BLE Gateway


BLE ATEX Gateway


BLE Gateway
BLE Gateway
BLE Gateway ATEX
BLE Gateway ATEX
BLE & Gateway
BLE & 3G Gateway
BLE & 3G Gateway ATEX
BLE & 3G Gateway ATEX
Item no.:300640300642300641300643
TransmissionBluetooth Low Energy
(range up to 20m )
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (range up to 20m )
  • 2G/3G Modem (Europe):
    2G GPRS 900MHz / 1800MHz
    UMTS B1, B8
Ex certification-Zone 1-Zone 1
Display1,5" Full Color Display,Resolution 128 x 128
Protection class:
IP68 at max. immersion depth 1m for max. 5h
> Meaning of IP protection classes
EnvironmentTemperature: -20...+50°C
Air Humidity: 15...90%rH
Gateway ReadingsInternal Temperature: -20...+60°C
Internal Air Humidity: 0...100% rH
Battery SOC (State of Charge): 0 ... 100%
BLE Signal Quality: -50dBm ... -110dBm
Internal Temperature: -20...+60°C
Internal Air Humidity: 0...100% rH
Battery SOC (State of Charge): 0 ... 100%
BLE Signal Quality: -50dBm ... -110dBm
GSM Signal Quality: -50dBm ... -110dBm
HousingMaterial: Noryl GTX 973 / PC
Dimensions (WHD): 106 x 169 x 61mm (with protective amour)
Required server version:42.1
  • Individual labeling
  • Customized housing colour
  • Type plate and certificates
  • Versioned, adapted manual and fact sheet