D-Eye® makes visual monitoring possible

With D-Eye® you monitor your site visually. D-Eye® was especially developed for monitoring overflow. Therefore, if the system recognises an overflow D-Eye® automatically takes a picture. In case of an event you have a look at your site via the web platform comfortably from your office. In consideration of the photo you decide which actions need to be taken. This means huge savings in your operating budget. Additionally you can log into the web platform and take a photo by pressing a button whenever you want.
The camera takes pictures in the size of 640x480px. To get a detailed photo (640x480px) you simply zoom before take a new picture.
D-Eye® is not limited to the application of overflow. You can use D-Eye® in every conceivable use case.
The visual overflow monitoring consists of a D-Eye® camera and a myDatalogEASY V3 for recording, processing and transferring signals.

Product characteristics

  • Battery driven
  • Easy installation and mounting
  • Alarm via SMS and photos in case of an event
  • Online data, photos and reports are available worldwide 24 hours via the web platform
  • Multiple applications possible

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D-Eye - visual monitoring

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