The universal GSM gateway EASY PCB E23x is a mobile and robust all-rounder for sensors and control devices.

If you would like to equip your products with mobile measured data acquisition and transmission, the EASY PCB E230 is the right solution for you. The EASY PCB E230 enables you to directly record measurement values in your device via the universal inputs. Themeasurement data can temporarily be saved locally and transferred to the central web platform via the mobile network. An on-board RS485 modbus interface also enables you to exchange data with external data sources.

The EASY PCB is available in two different versions: the EASY PCB E230 and the EASY PCB E231. The last number represents the footprint and defines the service availability in the different countries.Details see Footprint

Product characteristics

  • Compact module design
  • Universal inputs for digital and analogue signals
  • Switchable outputs
  • Local measurement data storage on the device
  • Adjustable measurement and transmission cycle
  • Alarm and trigger functions
  • Wireless data transmission to the web server
rapidM2M E230


Item no.:300048300106
Inputs:4 x analog or digital
Modbus:1 x RS485/RS232 (RS232 only with accessories)
modes: RTU, ASCII
Outputs:1 x open drain output
x isolated switch contact
Vaux (alternativ):3,2...4,5V
Data transmission:GSM/GPRS quad band
SIM:integrated SIM chip
Footprint (0 )
integrated SIM chip
Footprint (1 )
Required server version:40.12

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Blockschaltbild E230
Configuration EASY PCB E230
AccessoriesItem no.
Antenna 900 FME -F206.801
Flat antenna Smart Disc FME-F 2,5m206.814
Antenna 900 SMA-M206.806
Flat antenna Smart Disc SMA-M 2,5m206.816
Antenna adapter U.Fl/FME-M 100mm206.815
Antenna U.FL ProAnt Flex 100mm300109
Antenna adapter U.Fl/FME-M 100mm300266
Extension cable for antenna U.Fl/U.Fl 100mm300267
Antenna adapter U.Fl/SMA-F 100mm300268
Antenna adapter U.Fl/SMA-F 250mm300269
Cabel set EASY PCB E2xx JST with open cable ends 100mm300079
Cable set EASY PCB E2xx JST to JST 100mm300080
RS232 option for myDatalogEASY206.629
myDatalogEASYmbm RS232 9-pin D-Sub female connection cable206.688
Gender changer 9-pin D-Sub male/male206.684
Null modem adapter 9-pin D-Sub female/male206.686
12V DC/DC converter for EASY PCB E2xx300091
15V DC/DC converter for EASY PCB E2xx300092
24V DC/DC converter for EASY PCB E2xx300093
12V upgrade option for EASY PCB E2xx300094
15V upgrade option for EASY PCB E2xx300095
24V upgrade option for EASY PCB E2xx300096