Self-sufficient visual field monitoring

With Fieldeye you keep an eye from the distance. Originally developed for the monitoring of agricultural land, the self-sufficient camera system can be used in any conceivable applications. Fieldeye has a wide angle and a zoom camera, each with autofocus, integrated. Due to the solar panel the power supply is independent. The data are transmitted via GSM/GPRS to the server. Therefore, Fieldeye is independent from any infrastructure. Optionally Fieldeye is available with an integrated weather station (rain gauge, thermometer, hygrometer).

Fields of application

  • Agriculture – photos and weather data
  • Construction sites
  • Environmental monitoring – photos and weather data
  • Monitoring of high-voltage line – detect icing and dirt visually

Fieldeye Video

Product characteristics

  • Remote monitoring with two 2x13 megapixel cameras
  • Documentation, analysis and comparison of daily images
  • Easily create time-lapse
  • Self-sufficient supply via the integrated solar panel
  • Data transfer via GSM/GPRS to the central web platform
  • Optional with integrated weather station (rain gauge, thermometer, hygrometer)
  • Password protected web platform for multiple users

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