In-circuit testing, assembly programming, end-of-line testing and calibration

The MARVprois a compact measurement system for performing in-circuit tests (ICT), assembly programming and end-of-line test (EOL). In the course of the test, it is optionally possible to calibrate the assembly.

The MARVpro needs a permanent power supply. It has a connection for an external test adapter and 2 internal, changeable needle adapters. The internal holder allows parallel testing of identical assembly, but requires two identical needle adapters.

The MARVpro is equipped with a wireless 2D scanner for scanning identification codes already attached to the assembly that is currently tested. To identify the modules after testing, the device has one printer each for the weather-resistant and non-weather-resistant labels.

The result of the tests are cached on a non-volatile storage and, if a connection to the internet is available, sent to the manufacturer for storage in a central database. For this, the MARVpro is provided with a LAN interface. This is also used for updating the check routines (including firmware packages) as well as software updates.

Product characteristics

  • Compact measurement and testing system
  • 2x changeable needle adapters, 1x connection for external test adapter
  • Parallel testing of identical assembly, with two identical needle adapters
  • Scan already attached identification codes
  • Storage of the test results in a central database
  • Permanent power supply necessary
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Measurement system MARVpro
MARVpro needle adapter


Art. Nr.:300855
Operating temperaturer:10...+35°C
Power supply:220-240VAC , 50/60Hz
Holder for the assembly to be tested:2 x needle adapter holder
Connection for external test adapter:1 x 37pol. TE Connectivity CPC Buchse
  • For non-weather-resistant labels (direct thermal printing)
  • For weather-resistant labels (thermal transfer)
2D scanner:Scan identification codes already attached to the assembly under test
Data transmission:LAN (updates of the test routines and firmware, storage of the test results)