Receiving and returning of packages was never that easy

With the PaketButler you get your package convenient and comfortable – regardless of whether you are at home or not. The foldable box has compact dimensions of 37 x 57 x 10cm in the folded state. Thus it finds a place even in the smallest apartment. The unfolded state offers space for large packages (30 x 50 x 70cm). If you expect a package, place the PaketButler on your doorstep and the packet will be drop there for you by the postman. If something does not fit, please put the package back in the PaketButler and the postman will collect it again.

The PaketButler has an intelligent lock system. The Microtronics Keycode Server ensures a rolling exchange of the PINs. The PaketButler App acts as you logistics control center. You will be informed when you receive a package by the App and you find the PINs for opening the PaketButler in the App.

Product characteristics

  • Convenient and easy receiving and returning of packages at your doorstep
  • Safe rolling exchange of PINs with the Keycode Server
  • Robust, tear-resistant and fireproof fabric
  • Safety belt for mounting the PaketButler at the front door
  • Battery life up to 3 months
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IoT in use

PaketButler in Use
PaketButler - convenient receiving of packages at yoru doorstep