Finding a parking space was never that easy. With PAYUCA finding a parking space is completely stress-free.

With the app you will find a free garage comfortably. With sufficient credit balance the garage can be easily opened via Bluetooth or with a smart card. Completely stress-free you find a dry and protected parking space for your car.

Garage owner can offer their parking space over the app. The hardware solution is compact and can be easily integrated in any existing access control system. Whether a garage is secured by a gate or a barrier. PAYUCA concern the parking problem in cities. First garages are already equipped with PAYUCA in Vienna.

Product characteristics

  • Optimizing parking space – rent flexibly free garages
  • More income than with traditional long term rentals
  • No administrative effort
  • Automated monthly billing
  • Compact hardware solution
  • Stress-free parking in cities with the app
  • The garage can be opened via Bluetooth or with the smart card

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PAYUCA - stress-free parking

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