Smart home for your trouser pocket: Control your home via smartphone with the personal mobile controller.

QGate—the personal mobile controller from the company Microtronics—connects things in daily use or domestic areas to the Internet and enables them to be controlled and monitored via smartphone. Communication with QGate takes place via a smartphone app, which, thanks to the various integrated sensors, offers flexible applications ranging from temperature monitoring to energy consumption measurement and presence simulation. The open development platform provides the option of being able to program your own so-called QApps. In addition up to 10 external sensors and actuators can be connected to QGate.

Product characteristics

  • Monitoring & control of electrical devices (e.g. domestic appliances)
  • Monitoring of temperature
  • Monitoring of energy consumption values
  • Detection of changes in lighting conditions
  • Detection of acoustic signals/sounds
  • Open development platform
  • Open sensor protocol
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Smarte Home solution QGate
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Inputs:4 x integrated sensors (brightness, power, microphone, temperature)
Outputs:1 x integrated switch
Interfaces:868.3 MHz radio
Protection class:IP20
Power supply:230VAC, 50/60Hz
Data transmission:GSM/GPRS quad band
SIM:integrated SIM chip

For more information, see  www.qgate.com
QChalet Overview
QChalet Activity
QChalet presence simulation
QChalet alert