The baby monitor for bees - IoT for beekeepers is a monitoring sensor system for bee colonies in their hive. The integrated IoT technology makes it possible to determine the state of health of the bees. This works with the hive scale and the integrated microphone, which analyzes the well-being of bees by means of recorded noise patterns. With the collection and analysis of these data, beekeepers are enabled to predict and prevent unwanted events such as the death of the bees ("predictive analytics").

With the data is recorded, transferred, stored in the cloud and made accessible via web or app. Thereby beekeepers are enabled to observe the well-being of the bees even from afar. The integrated hive scale also shows the amount of honey that is collected in the beehive. Besides the weight and the sound samples, also the temperature and the humidity data are analyzed.

The technology of Microtronics uses the Microtronics technology consisting of hardware, software and service. Sample data is not transmitted until a fixed pattern is detected. This means that only relevant data is transferred and the data is minimized. Therefore uses the Smart Data concept.

Microtronics provides the data at defined interfaces. The evaluation and analysis of this data, on the other hand, is the task of

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Product characteristics

  • Monitoring the state of health of bees and alerting
  • Recording of noise, weight, temperature, humidity
  • Analysis of noise patterns
  • Predictive analytics
  • Energy-efficient data transmission
  • Battery powered

In cooperation with

The analysis of the state of health and the analysis of noise patterns (data mining, machine learning) are the core competencies of Logo

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