Keycode Server

The creation of rolling keys and the secure exchange of them play a central role in different applications. Garages, letterboxes or even hotel rooms are just a few examples that can be opened with a PIN code. The Keycode Server ensures reliable creation of the keys of pin codes. In addition, the Keycode Server ensures the secure exchange of keys and disables them after use or after a specify time period.

Keycode Server

Key Features

  • Secure, efficient, solid key exchange
  • Period of validity predetermined, unique validity or validity until manual deactivation
  • Secure and encrypted connection
  • Pins / Keys are encyrpted with AES
  • Worldwide usable

Application Examples

It is conceivable, for example, that you send the parcel deliverer a key via the Keycode Server for your garage. The parcel deliverer opens the garage by entering the key in a smart keypad and places the parcel in your garage. The key is deactivated again after use. Thus you can receive a parcel even if you are not at home. You can also use the Keycode Server to send a key to your hotel guest. The guest can now open the hotel room with the smart keypad in front of the door. The key is valid for the entire stay of the guest.
The Keycode Server is already in use in the PaketButler.

Keycode Server Applications Examples