myDatalogEASY V3

Programmable data logger for easy creation of your application within a few hours

The myDatalogEASY V3 World is a compact device for recording, processing and transferring signals. The universal inputs can be used to collect data from analogue sensors and signal transmitters. The RS232 and RS485 interfaces enable communication with machines, control units or sensors with digital interfaces. The power supply for the sensors can be supplied directly by the myDatalogEASY V3 World . A separate power supply for the sensors is thus not required. The device is equipped with an isolated switch contact for the direct control of an actuator.

Product characteristics

  • Programmable using scripting language
  • Universal inputs for digital and analogue signals
  • RS232 and RS485 interface
  • 3 switchable supply voltages for sensors
  • Isolated switch contact for the signal output
  • Compact design with internal battery compartment
  • Exact calculation of the battery / rechargeable battery charge using Coulomb method
  • Optional battery, rechargeable battery or direct power supply
  • Integrated charge controller
  • Ultra Low Power modus
  • Configuration of the device via web portal
  • Additional SIM slot for VPN cards
  • Very low commissioning and operating cost
  • Hardware Real-Time Clock
  • Integrated durable SIM chip
programmable data logger myDatalogEASY V3


myDatalogEASY V3 WorldmyDatalogEASY V3 2G
Item no.:300534300557
Inputs:4 x analogue or digital or
  • 0...20mA / 4...20mA
  • 0...2V / 0...10V
  • PWM
  • Frequency
  • Digital / Counter

1 x Ext. temperature sensor (Additional costs will be incurred to release these features.)
Serial interface:1 x RS232 (Additional costs will be incurred to release these features.)
1 x RS485 (Additional costs will be incurred to release these features.)
Outputs :1 x isolated switch contact
2 x 3,3V power supply
1 x switchable, selectable power supply (5...24V)
Programming:PAWN Script (scripting language similar to C) with rapidM2M Studio
Degree of protection:IP66
Power supply:Battery, rechargeable battery or direct power supply
Data transmission2G/3G penta band modem:
2G quad band:
SIM:Integrated SIM chip
Required server version:46.22
Block digram myDatalogEASY V3
AccessoriesItem no.
Portable antenna multi band FME-F206.826
Antenna 900 FME -F206.801
Flat antenna Smart Disc FME-F 2,5m206.814
Flat antenna Smart Disc Multi Band FME-F 2m300629
Magnetic antenna FME-F 2,5m206.827
Antenna adapter FME-F/SMA-F206.822
Extension cable for antenna SMA-F/FME-F 1m206.825
Extension cable for antenna FME-F/FME-M 5m206.805
Combination Antenna Smart Disc GSM/GPS FME-F(GSM) SMA-M(GPS) 2,5m300832
MDN Magnet206.803
myDatalogEASYmbm RS485 9-pin D-Sub female connection cable206.650
myDatalogEASYmbm RS485 connection cable with open end206.656
myDatalogEASY V3 GPS extension300830
myDatanet Tool Pen206.646
Universal bracket for housing myDatanet 86x126206.640
DIN rail mounting set for myDatanet housing 86x126206.634
Pipe mounting kit for myDatanet housing 86x126206.660
PSU413D+ AP300524
PSU413D AP300525
PSU713 BP300526
PSU DC300529
PSU AC300558
PSU DC+300798
Power supply 24V 2,5A for top-hat rail mounting206.667
Power supply 24V 1A213.814
Snap-on primary plug EU for chargers/power supplies300027
Snap-on primary plug UK for chargers/power suppliest300028
Snap-on primary plug US for chargers/power supplies300029
Snap-on primary plug AUS for chargers/power supplies300030
Activation code VPN SIM300539
Activation code RS485300540
Activation code RS232300541
Activation code temperature input300542
PSU Charger300697
  • Individual labeling
  • Customized housing colour
  • Type plate and certificates
  • Versioned, adapted manual and fact sheet