Display extension

Display extension for myDatalogMUC and myDatalogMUCmini

It is an intelligent graphic display that can be directly connected to the RS232 interface of the myDatalogMUC or myDatalogMUCmini. The use of this graphic display requires a PAWN script on the myDatalogMUC or myDatalogMUCmini that is tailored to the active application on the display. The customer can either create his own script or use examples or libraries provided by the manufacturer. The AUX port of the graphic display can be used to connect other modules (e.g. GPS receiver or Bluetooth modules) as long as a corresponding PAWN script is available.

As the myDatalogMUC and the myDatalogMUCmini provide the required 5VDC supply voltage via the RS232 interface, the operation of the display only requires a serial cable and no other components.

Application areas:
  • Visualisation of the operating states of a system
  • Input of parameters on site
  • Display of history and projections

Product characteristics

  • Freely programmable making it highly flexible
  • Program update via MicroSD memory card
  • High-quality colour display
  • Minimal installation effort (no extra power supply required)
  • Connection of other modules possible via AUX port (e.g. GPS receiver or Bluetooth modules)
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Display extension myDatalogMUC