Port extension module myDatalogMUCe

The myDatalogMUCe is a cost-effective and fully system compatible port extension for the myDatalogMUC. It is possible to use up to 3 port extensions as part of a daisy chain process per myDatalogMUC. One of the two RS485 interfaces of the myDatalogMUC is required for this purpose and is therefore not available for measurement and control tasks. All of the trigger and alarm functions are also available for the inputs of the myDatalogMUCe. All of the inputs and outputs of the myDatalogMUCe can also be accessed via the PAWN script.

Product characteristics

  • System compatible port extension in a myDatalogMUC top-hat rail at economically low costs
  • One extension module offers: 8 universal inputs, 6 relay outputs, 2 mA outputs, 1 PT100/PT1000 external sensor input
  • Up to 3 extension modules per myDatalogMUC possible
  • Maximum system configuration: 32x universal inputs, 24x relay outputs, 8x mA outputs, 4x PT100/1000, 1x RS232, 1x RS485
  • Trigger and alarming functions available on all extension inputs
  • PAWN program in myDatalogMUC controls the extensions' inputs & outputs
  • Extension module is addressed via the extensions' serial number
  • RS485 two-wire bus interface between the modules in a daisy chain
  • Status display for self testing, bus communication & bus failures
  • COM 3 on myDatalogMUC master for bus extensions
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myDatalogMUCe video


Item no.:300388
Inputs:8 x analog or digital
1 x ext. temperature sensor (PT100/1000)
Outputs:6 x relays (2 groups)
2 x analog output (not galvanically isolated)
Protection class:IP20
Power supply:12...30VDC (+/-10%)
Data transmission:via RS485 to myDatalogMUC
Required server version:40.1