Data acquisition and control device for machines and lines with a local RS485 interface.

The myDatalogMUCmini unit is the ideal multi-function tool for measuring and controlling tasks. The universal inputs collect data from sensors and signal generators. The RS232 and RS485 interfaces enable communication with adjacent machines or control units. An mA and a relay output are available for the control of actuators. In addition the device can be programmed with a local program routine for complex computing and controlling tasks.

The display extension is an intelligent graphic display that can directly be connected to the myDatalogMUCmini via the RS232 interface. Learn more about the Display extension for myDatalogMUC and myDatlogMUCmini.

Product characteristics

  • Universal inputs for digital and analog signals
  • mA and relay output
  • Programmable for calculation and control tasks
  • Adjustable measurement and transmission cycle
  • Alarm and triggering functions
  • Measured value storage on the device
  • Wireless data transmission to the web server
  • Device Authentification by krypto chip on request
myDatalogMUCmini with an RS485 interface

The myDatalogMUCmini comes with the following items:
  • DatalogMUCmini
  • SMA 900 Antenne
  • Toolpen
Display extension myDatalogMUCmini

Display extension


Item no.:300051300512
Inputs:3 x analog or digital3 x analog or digital
Outputs:1 x Relais
1 x analog output (not galvanically isolated)
1 x isolated switch contact
Modbus:1 x RS485 (switchable between master and slave)-
Serial interface:1 x RS232 for connection of a digital sensor-
Programming:Instruction List (IEC 61131-3:2003)
PAWN Script (scripting language similar to C)
Instruction List (IEC 61131-3:2003)
PAWN Script (scripting language similar to C)
Protection class:IP20IP20
Power supply:12...30VDC (+/- 10%)12...30VDC (+/- 10%)
Data transmission:GSM/GPRS quad band
SIM:integrated SIM chip
Required server version:40.740.7
Blockschaltbild myDatalogMUCmini
Blockschaltbild myDatalogMUCmicro
Configuration myDatalogMUCmini
Accessories myDatalogMUCminiItem no.
Antenna 900 SMA-M angled300026
Antenna 900 SMA-M206.806
Extension cable for antenna SMA-M/SMA-F 2,5m206.807
Flat antenna Smart Disc SMA-M 2,5m206.816
Flat Antenna Smart Disc US SMA-M 2,5m206.818
Angle adapter SMA-M/SMA-F300318
Power supply 24V 2,5A for top-hat rail mounting206.667
Serial extension cable 9-pin 1:1. D-sub male / female 1,8 m300456
Serial extension cable 9-pin 1:1. D-sub male / female 0,3 m300457
Display extension myDatalogMUC300455
myDatanet Tool Pen206.646
Gender changer 9-pin D-Sub male/male206.684
Null modem adapter 9-pin D-Sub female/male206.686
  • Individual labeling
  • Customized housing colour
  • Type plate and certificates
  • Versioned, adapted manual and fact sheet