Complex measuring and control tasks easily solved with the extremely robust myDatalogS3

myDatalogS3 is a device for universal measuring and control tasks. It is extremely robust due to its protective housing. The device has three individually configurable universal inputs for the acquisition of analog and digital signals. A digital temperature sensor input is also available. An mA output and a potential-free switching contact are available for control tasks. The data transfer to the server is performed wirelessly via GSM.

Product characteristics

  • Universal inputs for digital and analogue signals
  • mA output and potential-free switching contact
  • Programmable for calculation and control tasks
  • Adjustable measurement and transmission cycle
  • Alarm and trigger functions
  • Robust device with degree of protection IP65
  • Wireless data transmission to the web server
  • Device Authentication by crypto chip on request
Line control with myDatalogS3

The myDatalogS3 comes with the following items:
  • myDatalogS3
  • Antenna 900 FME
  • USB A/B Cable
  • Replacement fuse MDL8
  • MDN Magnet
  • Toolpen


Item no.:206.254
Inputs:3 x analog or digital
Outputs:1 x analog output (not galvanically isolated)
1 x isolated switch contact
Protection class:IP65
Power supply:24 VDC
Data transmission:GSM/GPRS quad band
SIM:integrated SIM card
Required server version:39.20
Configuration myDatalogS3
Accessories myDatalogS3Item no.
Antenna 900 FME -F206.801
Extension cable for antenna FME-F/FME-M 5m206.805
Antenna 1800 FME-F206.809
Flat antenna Smart Disc FME-F 2,5m206.814
Flat antenna Smart Disc US FME-F 2,5m206.817
Antenna adapter FME-F/SMA-F206.822
Flat antenna Smart Disc Plus FME-F 2,5m206.824
Extension cable for antenna SMA-F/FME-F 1m206.825
Portable antenna multi band FME-F206.826
Magnetic antenna FME-F 2,5m206.827
myDatanet Tool Pen206.646
MDN Magnet206.803
USB cable USB-A/USB-B 1,5m206.601
Cable temperatur sensor for myDatalogS3 20m206.300
Cable temperature sensor ATEX for myDatalogS3 20m206.305
Power supply 24V 1A213.814
Power supply 24V 2,5A for top-hat rail mounting206.667
myDatalogS3 230VAC option206.680
Snap-on primary plug EU for chargers/power supplies300027
Snap-on primary plug UK for chargers/power suppliest300028
Snap-on primary plug US for chargers/power supplies300029
Snap-on primary plug AUS for chargers/power supplies300030