NB-IoT Sensor
rapidM2M T32x

Tidy workplace with the rapidM2M T32x

Easily create NB-IoT applications

With the web-based IDE rapidM2M Studio you can create your NB-IoT applications quickly and easily. Access libraries, use examples and ready-to-use apps.

rapidM2M T32x - NB-IoT Sensor

Your advantages

  • Secure NB-IoT data transmission
  • Temperature and 3-axis accelerometer
  • GNSS positioning
  • Bluetooth 5 ready
  • UART or I2C interface
  • Extensive libs - programmable via web IDE rapidM2M Studio
  • SoC energy consumption monitoring
  • Extension modules | PogoConnector
  • Open platform | integration into all systems

Use Cases

  • Locating people, animals and things
  • Mobile Tracking
  • Logistics
  • Asset tracking
  • Machine Tracking
  • Wearables
  • Location and monitoring of equipment

Technical data

Data transmissionNarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) & LTE Cat-M1
SensorsTemperature, 3-axis accelerometer
InterfacesBLE and UART or I2C interface
Energy supplyRechargeable battery
UX / InteractionButton and vibration

Roadmap 2020

19.5.Hardware design
10.6.Webinar: Energy consumption
24.6.Webinar: IoT-Marketplace
6.10.Webinar: rapidM2M Studio
20.10.Webinar: Programming

NB-IoT webinar series

Register for the free webinar series according on NB-IoT. You will receive all dates in time directly into your mailbox. The Microtronics experts share their knowledge live in the webinar and answer your questions.

Preview 2021

The first webinars for the year 2021 are already being planned. System Analyst Saurabh Chauhan will talk about Analytics and Machine Learning. Klaus Potzmader (CISO) will address the topic of security and IoT. Are you interested in a specific topic? Feel free to send us your suggestions and wishes for future seminars!


The recordings of the webinars are available in the Partner Portal after free registration.

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Programmable & energy efficient

The NB- IoT sensor rapidM2M T32x is versatile. It is based on the proven rapidM2M technology and is programmable via the web-based IDE rapidM2M Studio. In addition to programming your own applications, you can load ready-to-use IoT Apps over-the-air into your device.

The rapidM2M T32x is characterised by low energy consumption. This allows a runtime of about one year. With the integrated SoC energy consumption monitoring you have full control.

Frequently required sensors such as temperature sensors, a 3-axis accelerometer and GNSS positioning make the rapidM2M T32x a popular NB-IoT sensor especially in the prototype phase. Expansion modules can be docked via PogoConnector.

With MQTT as message channel and the open platform an integration into all existing systems is possible.

rapidM2M T32x - NB-IoT Sensor

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