rapidM2M M230

The rapidM2M M230 is a powerful module with feature rich interfaces.

The rapidM2M M230 WIFI/3G World is a high-performance module for recording, processing and transferring device information. The FRAM guarantees the storage of the data even in the event of a power failure.

The ability to temporarily store the firmware of a system connected to the module on the file system and thus implement a safe and stable update function even if the reception is poor, is another unique selling point.

The rapidM2M M230 provides a variety of microcontroller interfaces and is also equipped with an integrated Wi-Fi module for wireless communication.

The compact 52pin connector strip and 100pin ZA8 contact strip facilitate installation. The application program of the rapidM2M module can be set up within a few hours with the help of the rapidM2M Studio.

Product characteristics

  • Library for STMicroelectronics STM32F4 high-performance MCU
  • High computing power (Cortex M4 CPU with FPU)
  • SPI, UART, I2C, CAN and GPIO interfaces
  • Ethernet PHY (10/100 Base-T Transformer required)
  • Hardware real-time clock - backup battery required
  • True Random Number Generator
  • rapidM2M runtime environment
  • Programmable via script language
  • APIs for:
    • Date, time and timer
    • I/O, SPI, I2C, CAN and UART
    • Interrupts
    • Communication
    • External SIM
    • Measuring, log file and configuration data
    • File transfer
    • Positioning
    • SMS reception
    • Measurement of operating voltages (VIN, VAUX)
rapidM2M M230rapidM2M M23x back

Fields of application

  • Acquisition and processing of device information
  • Mobile transmission of operating parameters to the central IT system
  • Wireless maintenance access to devices and machines
  • New web services for products and end customers


rapidM2M M23x WIFI/3G WeltrapidM2M M23x WIFI/2G/4G EU
Art. Nr.:300877300977
rapidM2M M23x WIFI/3G WorldrapidM2M M23x WIFI/2G/4G EU
Power supply5...32VDC via Vin
3,4...4,4V via Vaux
Serial interface:2 x UART
1 x SPI (master)
1 x I2C (master)
2 x CAN
I/O lines:6 x GPIO
2 x Interrupt inputs
  • Single-band 2,4 GHz
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Data transmission:2G/3G World:
  • 2G GPRS 850MHz / 1900MHz
  • 2G GPRS 900MHz / 1800MHz
  • UMTS B1, B2, B5, B8, B19
2G/4G Europe:
  • 2G GPRS 900MHz / 1800MHz
  • LTE CAT1 B3, B7, B20
  • integrated SIM chip
  • external SIM interface
Required server version:46.19

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Block diagram M230