rapidM2M PoC LAN

The rapidM2M PoC LAN Shield is equipped with a LAN application interface.

In combination with the usage of the communication libraries

  • LAN driver … W5200 chip driver
  • DHCP … Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  • SNMP … Simple Network Management Protocol
it is a developer board for the quick development of a Proof of Concept (PoC).

The rapidM2M PoC LAN provides a USB programming interface and a supply unit for the rapidM2M module. The rapidM2M Module M220 or M230 provides the wireless connection to the server and transfer it to the cloud.

Product characteristics

  • Module for wireless communication with LAN
  • UART, SPI, GPIO and I2C interface
  • USB interface for charging the rechargeable battery, debugging and script development
  • Fast and easy use of the rapidM2M module
  • Backup battery for the RTC of the implemented rapidM2M module
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rapidM2M PoC LAN

Fields of application:

  • Development of M2M / IoT applications
  • Simulation and testing of use cases
The PoC Shields are reference designs. Reference designs are provided “as is”. Microtronics makes no warranties or representations with regard to the reference designs or use of the reference designs, express, implied or statutory, including accuracy or completeness.