rapidM2M PoC LoRaWAN

The rapidM2M PoC LoRaWAN is a developer board designed to evaluate the application possibilities provided with LoRaWAN.

It enables the development of M2M / IoT applications that solely rely on communication via LoRaWAN, and those that use the advantages of the individual technologies by combining LoRaWAN and 2G/3G/WIFI (depending on the rapidM2M Modul Mxxx used). The integrated Bluetooth Low Energy module and the analogue/digital inputs enable the developer board to be used as a gateway for connecting local, wireless and wired sensors to the cloud.

Product characteristics

  • Module for wireless communication
    • LoRaWAN
    • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Environmental sensors
    • Ambient temperature
    • Air humidity
  • Analogue/digital inputs
  • Isolated switch contact for the signal output
  • Backup battery for the RTC of the implemented rapidM2M module
  • Fast and easy use of the rapidM2M module
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rapidM2M PoC LoRaWAN

Fields of application:

  • Evaluation of application possibilities provided by LoRaWAN
  • Development of M2M / IoT applications
  • Simulation and testing of use cases
The PoC Shields are reference designs. Reference designs are provided “as is”. Microtronics makes no warranties or representations with regard to the reference designs or use of the reference designs, express, implied or statutory, including accuracy or completeness.


rapidM2M PoC LoRaWAN
Item no.:300794
Inputs:1 x 0-2V voltage input
1 x 0-20mA current input
1 x digital input
Outputs: 1 x isolated switch contact
Temperature sensor:Measurement range: -20...+60°C
Humidity sensor: Measurement range: 0...100% rH
USB:1 x Mini- USB (for charging the rechargeable battery, debugging and script development)
Power supply5...32V via VIN (DC coaxial connector)
3,4...4,4V über VAUX (terminal strip or connector for an optional rechargeable battery)
Bluetooth4.1 compatible low energy module
Data transmission:LoRaWAN Class A: 868MHz

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