rapidM2M Runtime Environment

Being an independent M2M technology supplier, Microtronics is in a position of being able to integrate the rapidM2M concept into any type of GSM module.

Your advantages are:
  • rapidM2M for your modules with no licence costs
  • Compatibility with the rapidM2M cloud server
  • Comprehensive tool chain available

The rapidM2M runtime environment undertakes the most complex tasks in the application development and of wireless data transmission for you.

The firmware can be installed directly on a microcontroller or a programmable wireless module. The data transmission is based on a storage-to-storage-principle . The synchronisation between device and server can be done cyclic, event-based or in real time. Due to the local data storage your application can be optimised concerning data volume and synchronisation time or frequency.

Applications can be realised quickly by using Pawn script (programming language similar to C) and the comprised APIs. The script environment already comprises APIs for machine interfaces (SPI, I2C, UART, GPIO), data manipulation and data transmission.

Due to the rapidM2M runtime environment operating parameters like device and time information are synchronised with the server and can be accessed by the user anytime.

M12: Wireless Module Q2686RD, SL6087 and GL6100 from Sierra Wireless
M22: Cortex M3 CMSIS with integrated hardware driver for GSM, Wifi and LAN (Gemalto, Huawei, Sierra Wireless, Simcom, Telit, ublox, ZTE)
M23: Cortex M4, CPU with FPU, Display and Camera interface (Gemalto, Huawei, Sierra Wireless, Simcom, Telit, ublox, ZTE)

OSI LayerrapidM2M
7ApplicatonMachine API
1, 2Data Link, PhysicalGSM, WIFI, Ethernet

Product characteristics

  • SIM chip for use on circuit boards
  • Script engine for virtual application - separation of firmware and application script
  • SDK
  • Provision of rapidM2M firmware
  • API usage
  • Bidirectional data communication
  • Toolset (Development environment)
  • Global Footprint (country list profile 0)
  • European Footprint (country list profile 1)
  • SIM chip for use on circuit boards


runtime environment
RAM Size:10...16 KB
Datatype:32 Bit signed integer or floating point
Execution Context:
  • Single thread
  • Cooperative event handling
  • No Interrupt Context
min. Timer Resolution:18,5 ms
rapidM2M Performance Overview
Hardware M12Hardware M22Hardware M23
CPU TypeARM946/DSPARM Cortex-M3ARM Cortex-M4
CPU Core Frequency26/104 MHz48 MHz168 MHz
User MIPS Available Nativeup to 87 MIPSup to 60 MIPSupt to 210 MIPS
User MIPS Available Scriptup to 2,2 MIPSup to 0,8 MIPSup to 5,3 MIPS
Blockschaltbild Q2686RD
Blockschaltbild SL6087
Blockschaltbild GL6100
Toolset - Script
Toolset - Config
Toolset - Console