Spider67 mobile

Spider67 mobile – I/O system for industry 4.0 applications

The Spider67 mobile is an I/O system for the realization of measurement and control tasks. The inputs receive data from sensors and signal transmitters. The outputs are used to control various actuators. Up to 4 expansion modules can be connected via the RS485 interface. Thanks to the integrated rapidM2M technology, the Spider67 mobile can be programmed and configured remotely. For small batches, your production line can be adjusted easily by varying the script.

The technology from Microtronics

Microtronics has integrated a rapidM2M module with GSM, WiFi and BLE connectivity into the existing hardware. The rapidM2M technology enables worldwide roaming. The rapidM2M module can log into a huge number of international mobile networks and automatically selects the GSM network. The PAWN script engine makes it possible to customize the application to suit your needs. You can create application templates and manage them yourself. Complex computing and control tasks as well as highly critical measuring and control functionalities can be realized in this way.

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