The Uni-Trans is a universially applicable measuring tool. Equipped with various industrial interfaces it can be combined with different sensors. The Uni-Trans exchanges the data collected by the sensors via GPRS with a web server. So the data can be monitored via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone without having to visit the different measuring sites. The configuration of the Uni-Trans requires no further software. Settings are configured on the display. The Uni-Trans especially suits applications in the fields of water and wastewater monitoring.

Product characteristics

  • Universal inputs for digital and analog signals
  • RS485 interfaces for sensors
  • mA and relais outputs
  • Adjustable measurment and transmission cycle
  • Measured value storage on the device
  • No software required for configuration
  • High resolution color-graphic display (320 x 240 pixels)
  • Wireless data transmission to the web server


Inputs:8 x analog and digital
Outputs:4 x analog output
4 x relay
Serial interface:4 x RS485
1 x HART
Protection class:IP66
Power supply:110...230VAC
Data transmission:GSM/GPRS quad band
SIM:integrated SIM chip

For more information, see  www.flow-tronic.com