Level measurement station wasserstand.info

wasserstand.info lets you monitor river levels and save time in the early flood warning.

wasserstand.info is an early-warning system for floods, which informs the general public as well as the operational forces about the respectively current river levels. In case of an exceeded level, an alarm via SMS is automatically issued to the responsible operational forces. Using the citizen’s service, operational forces are optionally able to send an SMS to all registered users with only one click.

Besides sending warnings in disaster situations, for example floods, deluges or storms, dispatches in case of a high pollen count or a fine dust pollution can be issued as well.

Based on the water levels of several stations, for example at the upper reaches of the river and more measurement points, the operational forces (fire brigade, civil defence) are enabled to assess the critical situation objectively and comprehensively.

Product characteristics

  • Objective information on the actual situation on site available online
  • Installation and operation of your personal measurement site
  • Using modern technology (pulse radar) for a high and reliable measurement accuracy
  • Autarkic operation by an integrated solar electricity supply
  • Considerable gain in time in case of emergency by early initiation of action
  • Alerting via SMS in case of the exceeding of a defined water level
  • Faster recording and transmission in emergency situation
  • More economical and faster employment of operational forces
  • Efficient, safe, stable and robust measuring point for water levels
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wasserstand.info Hardware for the early flood warning

Autarkic water level measuring station

Currently, over 500 water levels are available on wasserstand.info. For an early warning of floods, it is possible to revert to already available water levels or establish an autarkic level station oneself.

Using the console bracket, the personal level station is directly mounted on the bridge of neuralgic points. The robust and autarkic monitoring station is equipped with an integrated communication module and a pulse radar sensor. The pulse radar sensor records the water level every 15 minutes. The recorded values are transmitted every 3 hours.

When a defined level is exceeded, a SMS is automatically sent to the operational forces. In state of alert, the water level is measured every 5 minutes and transmitted every 15 minutes.

Wasserstand Info Plattform



Art. Nr.:
Measurement range:15 m
Measurement accuracy:± 2 mm
Power supply:Autarkic (Solar field + integrated rechargeable battery pack)
Protection class:IP68
Data transmission:GSM/GPRS quad band
SIM:integrated SIM chip
Required server version:40.12

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Bridge mounting
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