The rapidM2M Toolset is an integrated development environment, abbreviated to IDE, intended to support you in developing applications for rapidM2M modules.

The IDE covers the entire development process - from the editing of the PAWN script (see ), to the compilation of the script in byte code, the loading of the byte code into the module and the read-out of the data transferred from the module to the cloud server via the cloud server's XML interface.

The Toolset also enables display of the debugging information that has been printed within the PAWN script on the standard output by means of the "print" and "printf" functions and the loading of log files from the module.

The 10 configuration memory blocks can also be read from the module by means of the Toolset or written to the module.

  • For test purposes there is the option of simulating a simple serial sensor, a collection of sample scripts being included.
  • Sample codes are also included.
  • Furthermore, the option is offered of pre-calculating the expected costs, allowing cost control.
  • The Toolset can also be used for uploading firmware updates to the module.
IDE Toolset


Interfaces1 x USB
1 x RS232 (optional)
Operating system Win XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Internet connectionRecommended
Required disk spaceapprox. 75 MB

rapidM2M Toolset

rapidM2M Toolset (beta)


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Toolset Config
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