LoRaWAN from Kapsch, Microtronics and ORS comm

LoRaTM has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the Internet of Things. LoRa demonstrates its advantages especially in the live transmission of small amounts of data. Kapsch, Microtronics and ORS comm are building an Austria-wide LoRaWANTM. The LoRaWAN is based on the open standard of the LoRa AllicanceTM.

A LoRaWAN can be set up independently of a network provider, for example to implement applications locally for your company premises. However, if you want to develop an application across several locations and possibly with mobile sites across Austria, it is useful to use LoRaWAN from Kapsch, Microtronics and ORS comm.

Features and Benefits

Bidirectional communication

Bidirectional communication

Low bandwidth

Low bandwidth


Optimization of the transfer to the user data

Long range

Long range, good building penetration


Accurate passive positioning using time difference of arrival

Network of experts

Network of experts Kapsch – Microtronics – ORS comm

Partner network

Kapsch BusinessCom, Microtronics and ORS comm are working together on an Austria-wide LoRaWANTM. Each of the partners is characterized by its special area, which is indispensable in reaching the common goals.

Kapsch BusinessCom is the leading digitalization partner in Austria. Kapsch brings its expertise in the design and operation of the network and base stations.

Microtronics has many years of experience in the device integration. Microtronics also knows how to implement projects in the area of the Internet of Things. Customers are supported in the course of the project implementation with a complete solution from hardware, software and service.

The construction and maintenance of an Austria-wide LoRaWAN with countless outdoor stations are characterized by various challenges. With its existing broad-coverage broadcasting infrastructure for TV and radio providers, the ORF subsidiary ORS comm is the perfect partner for this part.

LoRa functional description

Solution support

Would you like to benefit from the possibilities offered by the LoRaWAN from Kapsch, Microtronics and ORS comm?

Microtronics can help you to design and implement your own application. In four steps, your project reaches quickly from the idea to market maturity.

The first step is to analyze the business model behind your idea. The customer usage as well as the revenue streams is determined here.

Within 3 week a first Proof of Concept is implemented. This rapid implementation is relevant to test the functionality and the processes in a time cost-efficient manner.

In the third step the module and application script are integrated into your product. Extensive hardware and usability tests complete the route to the pilot.

The fourth and final step leads your product to market maturity. The production process is optimized and you can use the different OEM services. The market launch can start.

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